We have a few pigs left!!!

Hi Everyone!

We only have 6 pigs left. We are selling them for $2.99 a pound live weight. They are 35 to 80 pounds right now at 4 months. They are getting bigger and bigger every day so come and get yours now!!!


The V.J.S Heritage Ranch Family

Baby season is here!

Hey everyone, sorry for the late update :(

These past two months have been awesome! Ruby and Uggllah had there babies literally a day apart and Rose had her’s a week later. We only have a few left waiting pick up. They are $60 to $100 dollars depending on size and if you want a registered female it is $250.

We also had Valentine are guinea hatch 16 egg’s but unfortunately we lost a few but now have 6 healthy keets  (a baby guinea). We also rescued a young hen and she was put into the coop with the keets and she is now mothering them even better than their own parents!

Little red wattle trying to nurse standing up :)

Little red wattle trying to nurse standing up :)

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Babies Due Soon!!!

Ruby and Uggllah are due literatly anyday. Hopefully we will have mostly girls. This mother daughter pregnacy is doing very good and you can reserve your pig early!!

To reserve there is no fee but the prices of the piglets may vary if choosing a butcher or breeder hog.



Red Wattles are also Great 4H hogs for the upcoming South Florida 2015 Fair!

One Registerable Female LEFT!

At V.J.S Ranch we have ONE registerable female for sale.

Its is $250.00 plus registeration fees.

We also have 4 bars for $3.00 a pound live weight.



Also… Ruby Tuesdays Is Pregnant!


Her and Uggllah are due around the same time! May-June

New Member of the Family!

We would love to welcome are newest addition ….

Ugallah Black Mayo!

She was the first baby of Ruby and Bud on April 5th 2013!


This new addition is permeanent because she is…..


Her and Kane have bred on March 1st and she is due

Her 1st birthday is coming up and her litter is due in May about the 24th.


vjs198xV.J.S. Heritage Ranch is a small family run ranch in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. We humanely raise purebred, registered, Red Wattle pigs with the utmost care. Our goal at V.J.S. Heritage Ranch is to promote the Red Wattle Breed though careful breeding and harvesting.

The Red Wattle is listed with SLOW FOODS USA on their Ark of Taste and is known for the quality of meat which is lean with great marbling and juicy with rich beef-like flavor.  The exceptional eating qualities of the Red Wattle are not found in today’s commercially raised commodity pork. This breed of pig has not been genetically changed by the pork industry.